This was our first time blending the provinces into a format that contributed to each provinces Provincial Series and created a unique inter-provincial competition.  The SSA took the lead in organizing and the format was based on the way SSA does there provincial series points.

Points are based on the number entered in a certain age category. The 1st place rider would receive points equivalent to the number of riders in that category. Example is if there were 10 in an age category, first place would get 10 points , second 9 points and so on. If there were only 3 in a category the winner would get 3 points, 2nd 2 pounts and 3rd 1 point. At the end we separated the riders by province and added up there points to get a total for each province. It ended up being a great way to do it as it works with quantity of riders and the quality of the rider. More points given based on the competitiveness of the category in the event.

There was an amazing $2100 in prizing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 10 and under, 13 and under, 16 and under, 17 plus, female 13 and under and female 16 and under. We like to acknowledge sponsors from both provinces who contributions were in money/merch blended with old fashion effort.  The sponsors were:

There were 46 riders in total.  Saskatchewan had 21 riders and Manitoba contributed 25. In the end the score was 144 for SK and 145 for MB.   How close is that!

Thanks go out to the 5 judges that made it happen and Asessippi who had the park in great shape.

Thank You SSA for partnering with us and making what could be the best inter-provincial snowboard competition in Canada.

Congrats to Team Manitoba below!

Battle of the Boarder – Results