Hope everyone had a great summer! Time to get back to business.

1st of all a huge thank you to everyone who participated last season! 2nd, it  is time to hold the AGM and fall line up of planning meetings. 

Everyone has now fulfilled the 2 year term elected to back at 2017 AGM. I know I directly reached out to each of you at some point in the past  to seek your participation in our council and truly appreciate your effort. Moving forward it is time to hold elections for the next term and I ask each of you to consider continuing to participate. However, I do realize everyone has busy lives and participation may or may not be possible. So, please give some thought and and reply back if you intend to continue and I will add you to the nominations. 

Please provide your self nomination and position desired by September 30th via email and feel free to nominate others you feel would like to contribute. All nominationed individuals must possess a current 2019/20 MB SBD membership to be placed on the ballot. Click here to purchase 
2019/20 MB SBD Membership   You can purchase ANY membership category you wish.

The AGM will be conducted on Tuesday October 08 7:30pm with election voting conducted. 

The balance of meetings to plan the upcoming season are scheduled for the following dates (none are on Jets game days!):

  • Mon 10/21 – 7:30 PM
  • Thur 11/07 – 7:30 PM
  • Thur 11/21 – 7:30 PM
  • Thur 12/05 – 7:30 PM

Get involved and help shape your sport in Manitoba.