Canada Games 2019

Canada Games Snowboard will be held in Red Deer, Alberta in February, 2019.

The following people have qualified for the Manitoba Team.

Manager: Catrin Butler

Wax Technician: Mason Desjardins
Coach: Braeden Demchuk
Slopestyle/Boarder Cross: Keenan Demchuk
Slopestyle/Boarder Cross: Cole Steendam
Slopestyle: Liam Berger
Slopestyle: Evan Merino

The Canada Games Selection Policy document identifies the criteria used to select athletes, coaches, managers and wax technicians.


Information for Athletes and Family

Important Dates:
January 27th – 4-7pm – Team Toba Pep Rally
February 26th – 8pm – Family Night at the Hideout, Red Deer
Reminder- Flu shot is recommended
Athletes will be staying at Red Deer College (all bedding is provided). There is a 12am curfew. There is no kitchen in the room but food is provided in the cafeterias.
Food Services:

 -Breakfast 6:00am – 10:00am

-Lunch 11:00am – 3:00pm

-Dinner 4:00pm – 8:00pm (There is also a late dinner available if   competition runs past 8pm)

There will be grazing available 6am-11pm and “pick and pack” lunches.


To Calgary- 
Saturday February 23rd
Departure time: 6:45am
Arrival Time: 8:06am
WestJet Flight 271
From Calgary-
Sunday March 3rd
Departure Time: 9:35am
Arrival Time: 12:26pm
WestJest Flight 232
-There will be 2 mission staff on board with the athletes- Jessica Alcantra, Dustin Stewart (to the games), Kylo Harris (return flight from the games)

Athlete Donation Program:

Participants bring a pair of gloves/mitts. Donations go to “The Mustard Seed”.